Safeguarding at Events

The BJA has updated its procedures for Safeguarding at all Events and Tournaments and, with immediate effect, an Event Safeguarding Lead must be appointed before all such events. The BJA Tournament Handbook has been updated with the following:

Event Welfare Officer

This is the person responsible for any safeguarding or welfare concerns raised regarding the event. It is a mandatory position for all events and tournaments and a condition for the issue of a Tournament Licence.  Working in conjunction with, and answerable to the Tournament Director. Whenever possible, this should be a unique role. The Event Welfare Officer must keep a log of any issues or concerns raised using the Incident Notification Form. Any completed forms should be shared with the Tournament Director and a copy sent to the BJA Safeguarding Team via email to

The Incident Notification Form can be found at this link:

The person named as the Event Welfare Officer should meet either of the following standards:

The Event Welfare Officer is expected to be at the venue 30 minutes before the weigh in commences and remain until all players and coaches have left the venue. If they need to leave the venue at any point, they should liaise with the Tournament Director who will arrange for someone to deputise in their absence

If you have any enquiries please contact Keith Eldridge BJA Safeguarding Manager at