Three Step Safe

Over recent months the British Judo Association (BJA) has been working with the Home Nation Partners, Affiliates and judo providers in Great Britain to ensure that the standards of delivering the sport are met across all our nations.

This has culminated in our ‘Three Step Safe’ programme which has been developed to ensure the best environment for all participants of judo.

‘Three Step Safe’  guarantees clubs affiliated to the BJA offer 3 really important things:

Step 1: Approved coaches

Step 2: Internationally recognised grades

Step 3: Safe training and competition environments

If a club or a coach is not affiliated to the BJA then they may not have the correct training or facilities to be able to offer a safe environment.

We are here to help and will walk you through step by step to make sure you are using affiliated providers and will also work with your provider (if they aren’t affiliated) to assist them to get up to standard.

If you would like to check if your provider is BJA affiliated or if you would like to know more about becoming a BJA affiliated club or coach, please complete the form below:

BJA All Judo Standards

Step 1



  1. For a coach to be a BJA coach they must be a member of the BJA or a Home Nation Affiliate
  2. Current BJA coaching qualification, ensuring they have the skill to teach judo
  3. A DBS (or PVG in Scotland) clearance
  4. Current First Aid qualification
  5. Attended a Safeguarding course to keep participants safe
  6. Revalidate their qualification annually

Step 2



  1. Follow a published curriculum, delivered by a BJA coach, ensuring safe and progressive learning
  2. Delivered through a BJA affiliated club or approved setting across the Home Nations
  3. Gradings received through the BJA are verified internationally and are transferable across the International Judo Federation Network

Step 3



  1. To be able to compete and train in a BJA environment all participants will be asked to join the BJA as a member
  2. To host competitions the organisation must apply for a license and the BJA will make checks to ensure a safe event
  3. The BJA insists that all training and competition environments meet standards to ensure safety of participants
  4. That each club has a Club Welfare Officer approved by the BJA

Please complete the following information to check if your club and coach are 3 Step Safe. For general Club enquiries please go to our club finder

Please complete the following information: