The Budokai Features on BBC’s The Repair Shop

Did you catch The Budokai recently on BBC’s hit show, “The Repair Shop”?

The Repair Shop sees a team of Britain’s most passionate and skilled crafts people who rescue broken objects and restore them to their former glory.

In this particular episode, Art conservator Lucia Scalisi spends her time restoring a portrait from 1930s of the Japanese martial arts master Yukio Tani, by artist George Lambourn. Some of Lambourn’s finest work is part of a collection at the Tate.

The painting was brought in by the custodian Peter Blewett as the painting takes pride of place in one of the country’s most prestigious martial arts club, but decades of being on display have left it desperate for some TLC.

You can watch the full episode now on BBC’s iPlayer by clicking here