The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children. They do this by searching police records and, in relevant cases, barred list information, before issuing a DBS certificate to the applicant.

Carrying out DBS checks is an essential part in ensuring that unsuitable individuals are not working in judo in the UK. British Judo insists on all individuals and clubs to obtain a DBS check before working with vulnerable groups and children.

Applying for a DBS check

The BJA has switched DBS provider to First Advantage online Disclosures (FADV). FADV offers fast, automated and cost-effective screening.  This will enable the BJA to make safer decisions to prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children and vulnerable adults.

Disclosure Managers

Please note that the that the nominators list going forward on the new system will be kept to very few individuals and access to the system is only granted to the following approved authorised nominators:


Once you have received the link to your DBS application from a member of BJA staff and have any queries on the application process itself or are experiencing difficulties completing your application, please contact

What changes will you see?

Other than the change in provider, you should not see any other change in the service BJA dedicated staff member will still receive the final DBS result in the usual way and deal with it accordingly by recording the result on the CRM system on your behalf or dealing with a positive result in the appropriate manner.

Updating a DBS Check

DBS checks have a lifespan of 3 years at which point they need to be updated.

The Update Service is an online profile which allows applicants to store multiple DBS Checks. This is beneficial for people who require multiple DBS checks for work, hobbies or charity work they may do. Organisations can carry out a quick online Status check, with consent, to see if an individual’s DBS Certificate is still up to date – saving you both time and money.

Once you have signed up to the Update Service you will never have to complete an application form again (subject to required workforce and level of the check).

Applicants have a six week window to sign up to the Update Service, four weeks prior to your application being submitted to the DBS and two weeks after the issue date on your Disclosure Certificate.

Every revalidation you will be required to complete a Consent to Perform a Status Check form to enable us to check your status online.

If your DBS checks holds new information, British Judo will request you to provide a copy of your Disclosure certificate from the DBS and follow the Positive Disclosure policy.

For more information about the Update Service click here.