Transporting children to and from sessions, competitions and events can present a lot of risks and challenges to a judo club.

It is often highly respected individuals who take advantage of opportunities like transportation to initiate a grooming process. This process includes grooming parents as well as children, so as to gain their trust and in doing creating justifiable reasons for getting the child alone.

Judo coaches and volunteers should be mindful of this so they never put themselves in a position where an allegation of inappropriate behaviour can be made against them.

There are a number of steps that can be taken in order to minimise any risks to children and young people. These include:

  • Attempt to have more than one child in the car whenever possible and to alternate the last child to be dropped off.
  • Where possible, children should sit in the rear of the vehicle.
  • Parents should have also given their consent to this practice and drivers should have contact numbers for the parents in case of delays or accidents.
  • Ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy and the driver has adequate insurance.
  • All occupants should wear their seatbelt

Do you have a concern?

If you’re concerned about possible child abuse or bad practice within a British Judo club, competition or any other judo environment then you should immediately contact:

Your Club Welfare Officer The contact details of your club’s welfare officer should be clearly advertised at your club and on the club’s website.


British Judo Safeguarding Team – 0121 728 6920 (Ext: 223) or