Mat standard

It is recommended that the mats used should comply with the EN12503-3: 2001 standard wherever possible. It is however recognised that this will not always be the case, therefore the lead coach / organiser for each session must ensure that the mats used are fit for the purpose of the session being delivered.

Fit for purpose

The mats must be firm under foot and in the opinion of the lead coach have adequate shock absorbing properties for the activity intended within the planned session.

Mat surfaces must not be torn or tattered (good quality repairs of previous damage are acceptable) and should be placed on a strong base to ensure they do not easily move during planned activities. The lead coach should observe the mat surface and rectify displacements when identified to avoid injuries.

There should be adequate space allocated to each participant on the mat to fully engage in the session plan. Depending on the type of movement and intensity of such activities the minimum available space per participant may vary, it is however the BJA’s recommendation for a quality club training environment a ratio of pupil to mat area be 1:2m2 minimum.

It is recommended that the mats should be 40mm or more thick and maybe of any length or width required.

It is accepted that jigsaw mats that meet the “fit for purpose” guidelines above will suffice for general judo practice.