The British Judo Trust is a registered charity founded in 2007 that works to enhance the development of the sport of judo throughout the UK.

The British Judo Trust aims to generate extra resources which will complement and expand the existing development work carried out by the British Judo Association.

In accordance with the charitable objectives set out in the Trust’s governing document, the British Judo Trust will support activity within the following key programmes:

  1. Widening Participation – Using the national spread of clubs, players and coaches, and the role models of Olympic, Paralympic and Special Olympic athletes, to allow more people to benefit from the physical and social support network of the sport.
  2. Developing People – Using Judo and the judo family to improve the health, safety and opportunities for those in society to achieve their full potential in the sport of judo.
  3. Facility Development – Helping with basic kit and equipment that allows judo based initiatives to reach and benefit more people.

How to apply for British Judo Trust Funding (Groups/Individual)

The British Judo Trust has an application process in place which clubs/organisations and individuals can apply for funding through.

Clubs/organisations can apply for up to £5,000 whilst individuals may apply for up to £1,000.

Clubs/organisations and individuals who are interested in applying for funding should complete the application form.

Make a donation to the British Judo Trust

You can make a donation to the British Judo Trust via text message, online, when you shop and more. Any contribution you can make you can make will be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in making a donation, please contact our accounts team.