Temporary discretionary Dan Grading

2nd April 2022 saw the last of the 7 Special National Dan Gradings carried out at High Wycombe

The 7 Special National Dan Gradings were devised to be delivered with slightly relaxed rules to allow judoka extra fights, to compensate for the lack of promotion opportunities during the pandemic lockdowns. Members of the Promotion Commission attended all the events to ensure a fair and consistent application of the dispensation. Pre-booking allowed the commission more time to discuss and agree some of the more unusual dispensations ahead of having to decide on the day, plus it allowed the lead examiner to answer with confidence enquiries about what grades would be there.

There were also 3 National Technical Dan Grading Courses, and together with Area Technical Grading activity we were able to carry over 100 Technical Dan Grade examinations.

Finally, using the 70 points discretionary scheme where judoka that had 70 points or more could claim their remaining points through qualifications such as coaching and kata certifications, 75 judoka were able to be promoted. These judoka have demonstrated an extra breadth of knowledge and commitment in place of a small number of extra wins in contest.

Many thanks to the Lead Senior Examiners Dave Horton-Jones, Andrew Haffner, Kim Tilley, Ben George and Derek Paxton, who created competitive grading opportunities all the way up to 5th dan for a total of 462 Judoka throughout England at High Wycombe, Kidderminster, York and Dartford. These events were quite long due to the numbers attending so again also thanks to all the Senior Examiners, referees, timekeepers who maintained their professionalism through long and tiring days. Finally, thanks go to the Judoka who supported the gradings and contributed to their success.

High Wycombe hosted 3 of these Dan Gradings and are celebrating their 35 year anniversary in 2022, they are always the “go to “ venue for Dan Gradings and have hosted many veterans events including the British Masters and High Wycombe Masters , firm entries in all veterans diaries each year. Look out for their special events this year and of course more Dan grading opportunities.