Technical Dan Grading at Samurai judo Club

On the 7th and 8th May twenty-five judoka attended a Technical Dan Grading at Samurai Judo club in Kidderminster. The course was organised and led by National Gradings Manager Dave Horton-Jones, 7th Dan, and co-assisted by Promotions Chairman Andrew Haffner, 6th Dan.

Dave presented a British Judo Association Certificate of Recognition to Andrew on behalf of Samurai Judo Club due to the clubs outstanding contribution to British Judo Association gradings since return to judo post covid lockdown, organising and hosting 2 National Dan Gradings and various other grading activities.

Day 1 stated with all judoka being assessed ahead of a day of judo instruction where, following a morning of instruction on kata by Dave, they were given a presentation on all the varying principles of the techniques and were then divided into groups to carry out syndicate work on groundwork, standing judo, combination and counter elements of the exam. Each group then presented their findings to the other groups where selected techniques were then practiced by the other groups.

Day 2 started with instruction by Dave on standing techniques and international competition techniques before the groups again formed to carry out syndicate work on selected techniques. The day finished with final assessments and kata examinations for those who needed the extra kata for their promotion. 12 judoka were also able to carry out their competitive skills exams. Those that were unable to complete the kata elements of their promotion are attending a Kata weekend at Cherry Judo Club Lincoln on June 11th and 12th.

Upcoming Dan Gradings

Budokwai Dan Grade – Sunday 29th May 2022

Technical Dan Grade Assessment and Competitive Skills Preparation & Exam – Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June 2022
South Shields Dan Grading – Sunday 5th June 2022
Bedfordshire Dan Grade – Saturday 11th June 2022 
Sussex Dan Grade 2022 – Sunday 19th June 2022
Budokwai Dan Grade – Sunday 26th June 2022

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