Take Part in the British Shadow Kata Championships

The British Judo Kata Commission has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged you to compete in the British Shadow Kata Championships……from the comfort of your own home!


Study the Kodokan tapes of Nage-no-kata (available on You-Tube, search for Judo Nage no kata). Then make a home video of yourself (using a member of your household) in your living room or anywhere available, performing the SECOND set of the kata (without an uke), including opening and closing bows. Upload the video email your details (see below).

All participants will receive a downloadable certificate. Your kata will be reviewed by a Kata Examiner who will give feedback. The National Kata Group will select the best kata in each of two age ranges and will award a gold medal in each age range and possibly silver and bronze medals depending on the number of entries. Note: in line with the Kata Group’s strict rules on kata judging, any member of the group who has pupils who enter this competition WILL NOT be involved in judging.


Make sure the video shows you in full doing the opening and closing bows. It also needs to show your full body whilst doing the moves. You should wear judogi and grade belt. Make sure you emphasise the grip changes and breaking of balance. At the end of the set, tidy up kit and do the closing bows. The video should be taken from the position of joseki, i.e. to the left of the player at the start.


Between moves, you can adjust your position as much as is needed so that you can fit the moves into the space available.


Under 12 years of age and under 16 years of age as at June 30th 2020.

All entrants must have held a BJA or affiliate membership valid on March 1st 2020.

Closing date for entries: August 31st 2020. Entry fee: none.


Go to: http://tiny.cc/ShadowKata2020 click upload and upload your kata video.

Email your name, BJA membership number, date of birth, club, area or home country and the name of your uploaded video to: andrewhaffner@btinternet.com. If you subsequently get feedback and wish to enter a second improved video, that is fine. Only your best video will count.

PLEASE NOTE: although this should be a non-risk activity, both for coronavirus or injury, the BJA can accept no liability on either grounds. Players take part entirely at their own risk.