Japan Arts Judo Club have dived into the clubs new beginner classes after completing a series of Introduction to Judo sessions.

This group were solicited into the Japan Arts judo club through the hard work of Jo and Chris Hunt. Jo and Chris have facilitated countless opportunities for groups of people around the Bristol area looking for opportunities to excel in sport.

Jo and Chris have utilised the generous support from Sport England’s TIF (Tackling Inequalities Fund) grants to enable them to provide facilities, equipment and coaching staff for the provision of Judo to young people who may not otherwise have been able to do so without some help.

Jo and Chris already have a second group of keen learners ready to follow in the footsteps of the group below, the first group are now preparing for phase two of their programme.

Congratulations to Jo, Chris, the players and the rest of the Japan Arts team and thank you Sport England Tackling Inequalities Fund