Supporting athletes with disabilities in Poland

Kerry, British Judo Adaptive Working Group Member, travelled to Poland on May 7th 2022, to deliver bespoke training and coaching for athletes with additional needs and disabilities. Wonderful opportunity for Kerry to expand her skills and knowledge onto international athletes.

Kerry’s trip to Poland

Invited to attend a coaching event in Gdansk, Poland, by Ada Dadci Smoliniec, Kerry could not pass this opportunity! Being able to provide coaching sessions to Judoka with additional needs and disabilities in Poland is an amazing opportunity for Kerry and all those attending. This trip was to work with Ada to utilise what British Judo already have in place – 5 Judo ability level system, competitions, Coach Education and identifying a performance pathway for primarily intellectual Impairment and Autistic athletes within the Virtus Classification and Competition Pathway.

Ada Dadci Smoliniec adaptive Judo

 Kerry was invited by Ada Dadci Smoliniec a high light Judoka, who now coaches’ athletes with disabilities – she is about to open her own premises. With the support and backing from the Polish Judo Federation, Ada is to begin raising awareness throughout Poland about disability Judo. Along with welcoming the coaches to embrace adaptive Judo and be more inclusive within their clubs.

Kerry’s experiences from working with BJA and what knowledge she can take to Poland

From working with the BJA Kerry has gained experiences from delivering Coach Education courses as a former employee and she is still currently delivering How to Coach Adaptive Judo Players. Being able to learn from others is a great opportunity to enhance own personal skills and delivery.

There is no language barrier within the sport of judo, everyone wants the best for everyone. There are several clubs and coaches which deliver judo the athletes with a wide range of impairments who wants a universal pathway. There are many coach education modules which the British Judo Association has welcomed and encouraged coaches to adapt, change and challenge their athletes as well as themselves to become more inclusive.

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