Statement: Black Lives Matter

Statement on behalf of the BJA Board of Directors: 

The sport of Judo is open for everyone. On the mat when it’s competitor versus competitor, strategy can match strength and despite being an individual pursuit, off the mat, there is a camaraderie that shines through. The only thing that defines us in Judo is the colour of our belts, not the colour of our skin.

Of course we have policies in place to reflect this, but policies mean nothing unless as a community, we reflect them. The British Judo Association is committed to ensuring that as an organisation and as a sport, we follow the policies but perhaps that is not enough now.

We want to be crystal clear: racism will not be tolerated in our sport. If you are a victim of racism in Judo, please tell us and we will act. If you witness it, call it out.

If you are demonstrating racist behaviour or attitudes, Judo does not want you.

Society needs to do better. As a sport we need to step up and do our part. We can only do that together