Our social media round-up is back with some of the best posts from across British Judo in the last week

Nekoda Davis feeling inspired after taking part in a Q&A in London for ‘This Girl Can’ and International Women’s Day


A proud parent looking forward to seeing his daughter competing in a few weeks

Kelly Edwards with a shout-out to her coach on International Women’s Day


GB Performance Coach Matt Purssey with a shout-out as well for some of his players on International Women’s Day

The Budokwai also show their support for International Women’s Day


“Nobody is too big time to put mats out”


First week of training in Japan almost done for the WCPP players


Euan Burton appreciating some great judo from Alice Schlesinger at the weekend

A good day’s judo for Ford Judo Club

The WCPP lads get their picture on the Tokai wall


A welcome return to the competition tatami for Alice Schlesinger


Good turnout for another coach revalidation event

A nice trip down memory lane