Check out our social media round-up for some of the best posts from across British Judo in the last week

Great to see the next generation practicing new techniques

Working hard on ko uchi gari!#SkillsCool #GrowDevelopPerform

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Not a bad way to start the week but maybe bring some into the Centre next time 😉

Good work guys! Always good to see people moving up!

Good couple of days at the new Dutch National Training Centre for Kate, Nekoda and Sally

Good to see rugby learning from judo

Liking the new badges guys!

Can’t beat some classic 80’s tunes!

Not going to lie, we like those medals

Looking forward to a great day to see our local talent develop and improve! #hulljudoclub #hulljudorumble

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Good return to the mat at IJF level for Owen Livesey

Fantastic to see young judoka being inspired!