Show your support to Rainbow Laces 2021 at the British Championships

Show your support to Rainbow Laces, Stonewall UK’s annual campaign in sport, by getting your hands on a British Judo Rainbow Laces backpatch and show your support for LGBTQ+ equality and inclusivity.

The Rainbow Laces campaign runs from 25th November – 12th December with Rainbow Laces Day on Wednesday 8th December.

This year’s campaign focuses on uniting and mobilising our communities to ‘Lace Up and Speak Up’.

You can play your part in getting laces and starting conversations within your community.

British Judo Rainbow Laces backpatches will be available over both weekends of the British Championships for competitors to purchase and all profits being donated to a LGBTQ+ charity.

Over a million of us have laced up in support of LGBTQ+ equality in sport.

But many in this community still feel unwelcome in sport and fitness.

Because people bully, belittle and exclude, making them feel out of place.

Sport is for all, and everyone should be welcome.

Laces have brought the awareness.

Now we all need to speak up with those around us.

And make sure everyone feels empowered to support with pride.

Lace up. Make sport everyone’s game.

Judo as a sport remains fully inclusive and diverse with the only difference between two judoka being the colour of their belt.

“As long as we coexist, each member of society and the groups organised within must function in harmony and cooperation with the others. Nothing is more important than living prosperously together. If everyone acts with the spirit of mutual cooperation, each person’s work benefits not only himself, but also others, and attaining this together will bring mutual happiness.”

Jigoro Kano

Founder of Judo