On Friday 21st August, Shannon and Khaleesi donated a total of 30 inches of hair to the Little Princess Trust.

In addition to donating hair, Shannon and Khaleesi wanted to raise awareness and funds for Little Buds, the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at Darent Valley Hospital where their younger brother spent time as a baby.

The donated hair from Shannon and Khaleesi will help children who have lost theirs due to cancer. The Little Princess Trust help children battling cancer by providing a free, real hair wig to help restore their confidence and identity. The donated hair can be made into a real hair wig for a young child who doesn’t have their own.

Any money raised for Little Buds and the SCBU at Darent Valley Hospital will be used to help improve technology, medical advances and increase nursing expertise, enabling staff to care for babies born with wide-ranging problems. Staff will be able to attend additional training, enhance the ward environments, and purchase the latest monitoring and life supporting equipment to care for mother and baby, to ensure the best outcomes for families.

Click here to show your support and donate to the Little Buds Fund.