Settle Judo Club opens its doors

A new judo club has opened in Settle, a picturesque village in the Yorkshire Dales, thanks to funding by Craven District Council, Settle Primary School and the Friends of Settle Primary School.

Coach Danny Harper, who is also Schools Judo Coach at Kendal Judo Club delivered after school judo sessions at Settle and Horton-in-Ribblesdale primary schools as part of Kendal Judo Club’s School’s Judo program and uncovered a huge demand for our sport, leading to a decision to form a new club. With the support of Settle Primary School’s Head Teacher Richard Wright (who is now the club chairman), the Settle Judo Club was able to get up and running in February this year.

Classes are taught by Danny Harper and Emma Langton.

Danny has participated in judo since the age of six at Kendal Judo Club under the watchful eye of Mike Liptrot. He has enjoyed a successful career with winning medals at numerous national and international events and is currently a member of the Great British Senior Squad.

Emma hails from Sunderland and is currently undergoing going her teacher training at the University of Cumbria, Lancaster. She has been an England Squad member and currently trains at Lancaster University Judo Club. The pair completed Level 2 coaching together and when Danny is unable to take sessions due to his competitive commitments Emma steps in.

As the club evolved from a primary after school judo program, Settle is predominantly made up of primary school-aged players. However they do have a few adolescents and couple of adults who practice. It is Danny’s hope to increase membership in these age bands in the near future.

“Judo is unbelievably popular in Settle with over 50 members attending regularly each month,” said Danny. “Our retention rate is also good as most of these members started in February when the club was first established.”

The club runs three sessions, every Friday night. These include:

A sports club for six-seven year olds that runs between 5pm and 6pm with the aim to develop the fundamental judo skills of balance, agility, co-ordination, gymnastic ability and spatial awareness. These skills provide young athletes with a solid foundation upon which to base a judo career.

Junior Judo: for eight to 11 year olds which runs from 6pm and 7pm – a safe introduction to judo and a safe environment for randori.

Senior Judo for 12+ year olds which runs between 7pm and 8.30pm – a more structured class with individualised coaching and randori.

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