Seniors on form in Sheffield

A day after the Juniors had put on a show at the English Institute of Sheffield it was the Seniors turn to go for silverware in the 2015 Senior British Championships on Sunday 13 December.

The -57kg category proved to be one of the hardest to call with young Acelya Toprak (Metro) producing one of the results of the day as she beat Commonwealth Games medallist Connie Ramsay for ippon in golden score. Toprak just missed out on a medal with Laure Fournier (Camberley) winning a hard-earned gold

The -73kg was another quality competition with Aaron Turner (Camberley) and Patrick Dawson (Edinburgh Club) the standout judoka. Their contest in the second round pool decided the gold medal with Patrick Dawson taking the title.

In the -63kg Lucy Renshall (SKK) finished a big year for her on a high as she won her first Senior British title to go along with her Junior European gold and Junior World bronze while Gary Hall (Team Bath) was in dominant form throughout in the -90kg category.

Today’s Medallists:

Senior Women’s:

-48kg, GOLD: Kim Renicks (Kanokwai) SILVER: Helen Forbes (Garioch) BRONZE: Molly Harvey (Tonbridge) & Olivia Piechota (JSC/Tower Hamlets)

-52kg, GOLD: Chelsie Giles (Coventry) SILVER: Jade Lewis (Gendros) BRONZE: Julia Scardone & Stephanie Walker (Bradley Stoke)

-57kg, GOLD: Laure Fournier (Camberley) SILVER: Bekky Livesey (SKK) BRONZE: Connie Ramsay (Edinburgh/Invergordon) & Malin Wilson (Invergordon)

-63kg, GOLD: Lucy Renshall (SKK) SILVER: Verity Stephens (Team Red Star) BRONZE: Olivia Spellman (Pinewood) & Eilish Walker (JustJudo)

-70kg, GOLD: Megan Fletcher (Pinewood) SILVER: Katie-Jemima Yeats-Brown (Ryecroft) BRONZE: Rachael Hawkes (Army) & Kelly Petersen (Hardy Spicer 83)

-78kg, GOLD: Emma Reid (Redbridge) SILVER: Sally Moon (Wolverhampton) BRONZE: Rachel Moon (Wolverhmapton) & Donna Riggs (Shepton)

+78kg, GOLD: Michelle Boyle (Esprit) SILVER: Lois Brown (Grimsby) BRONZE: Alison Wilson (Jidel) & Charlotte Newbold (Redbridge)

Senior Men’s:

-60kg, GOLD: Peter Miles (Bradley Stoke) SILVER: Adam Conroy (Team Bath) BRONZE: David Ferguson (JudoScotland) & Isaac Gagin (Sakura Judo)

-66kg, GOLD: Lewis Keeble (Tamar Judo Centre) SILVER: Gregg Varey (Team Bath) BRONZE: Sam Hall & Liam Ashton-Farr (both Ryecroft)

-73kg, GOLD: Patrick Dawson (Edinburgh Club) SILVER: Aaron Turner (Camberley) BRONZE: Connor Ireland (Maesteg) & James Hayes (Bradley Stokes)

-81kg, GOLD: Sebastian Green (University of Wolverhampton) SILVER: Stuart McWatt (Garioch) BRONZE: Sebastian Nadal (Budokwai) & Jamie Caller (Renzoku)

-90kg, GOLD: Gary Hall (Team Bath) SILVER: George Smith (Hardy Spicer 83) BRONZE: Samuel Potts (Gosport/Team Bath) & Adam Hoshal (Greenhouse EB Phoenix)

-100kg, GOLD: Phil Awiti-Alcaraz (Enfield) SILVER: Adam Hall (Team Bath) BRONZE: Rhys Thompson (Enfield) & Conor Murphy (Team Bath)

+100kg, GOLD: James Austin (Hardy Spicer 83) SILVER: Andrew Melbourne (Camberley) BRONZE:Peter Vincent (Witley) & Valentino Volante (JudoScotland)