Safeguarding Update – October 2020

Welcome to the October Safeguarding update which includes information about the launch of the updated SafeLandings, a reminder about the use of photos/videos of children, an update on Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Time to Listen courses and an appeal for more Club Welfare Officers.


The BJA are pleased to launch an updated version of SafeLandings that includes a number of administrative changes and updates and some more fundamental changes. We have also tried to make it a more accessible document so, if you want to, you can read the whole document but, if you just want to look up one particular issue, there are now hyperlinks from the index page and links back to the front from each page. We hope this makes it an easier to manage document.

There is a new form for reporting Safeguarding concerns at Appendix 2 which aims to capture all the information we need. It does look like a long form but all the information is needed. Please do remember however, to never delay taking immediate action if you have concerns for the welfare of a child. The form can always be filled in as soon as possible afterwards.

There is also a new complaints process for use at club level at Appendix 5 which should be followed with immediate effect. This includes useful guidance on the threshold for whether complaints should be dealt with at club lever or referred to the NGB Lead Officer. I am always available if clubs need any advice or assistance in dealing with complaints. BJA guidance for the retention and storage of all data (including these forms) has been added at Appendix 14

The Coaches Code of Conduct at Appendix 11 has been updated and now incorporates the BJA values.

The BJA Case Management Group has been expanded to include relevant experts that are not BJA employees. This is detailed on page 46 and we are delighted to welcome Adrian Harding, Nick Fletcher, Chris Milward, Robert Spencer and Darren Dean as new members of the BJA CMG.

Guidance on the use of photos/videos of children

The use of images and video of children can be a powerful marketing tool but NSPCC advice remains that children must not be identified if their photo or video is shown on any website or on social media. A simple way to remember the guidance is as follows: –

  • If a player is named, don’t use their photo or video
  • If a photo or video of a child is used, don’t name them

Safeguarding courses

All coaches and Club Welfare Officers need to complete a ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’ course every 3 years. The first course they complete must be a face to face course and thereafter they can alternate between a face to face course and an online course. In these unusual times, face to face courses are not possible so a virtual classroom course has been developed. Full details and a link to the courses can be found here: –

We have now launched our virtual “Time To Listen” courses which are available to book for just £25.00 – Click here for more information.

Club Welfare Officers

I want to conclude this update with a big thank you to all of our Club Welfare Officers. They are the eyes and ears of Safeguarding at club level and do an amazing job. I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage any club that has not yet appointed a Club Welfare Officer to do so as soon as they can. Both Marina Dain at Head Office and myself are available to discuss ways in which we can help with this. It is highly likely that the appointment of a Club Welfare Officer will become a compulsory part of club registration in the near future but I would much rather that clubs see the benefits of having one and appoint one voluntarily.

Keith Eldridge
BJA Safeguarding Manager

If you would like to contact Keith to discuss any of the above point, please email him at