Revamped Dan Grade Register Now Available

The BJA are pleased to announce the publication of the revamped and updated Dan Grade Register.

The Dan Grade Register lists all current Dan Grade members and Life Members of the British Judo Association.

The online list will be hosted through The Dojo, accessible via the home page. Head over to and click on “Dan Grade Register” in the top right hand corner. You do not need to be logged in to the system to access the register.

Lapsed members who hold a BJA Dan Grade will continue to have their grades registered offline but will not appear on the Dan Grade Register.

Should they wish to be placed on the online register, they will be required to hold a British Judo Association membership – the minimum required level being a Recreational membership, priced at just £15.00. Members of JudoScotland, Welsh Judo Association and NI Judo Federation will have separate links in order to access the register shortly.

You are able to search the register by name, club or area.

For further information please contact:

Sarah Walker (National Dan Grade Administrator) –

Dave Horton-Jones (Head of BJA Grading Development) –

Click here to access the Dan Grade Register