We are thrilled that you are looking to renew your membership with the British Judo Association!

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to create a new account on The Dojo. If you are an existing British Judo member, your details will be stored within the system already. If you take out a new membership, you will be given a new membership number and your grading details will be lost.

Membership renewals can be completed online at the touch of a button using the British Judo Association’s online membership management tool, The Dojo.

If you have not logged into The Dojo before, click here to head over to The Dojo and look up your details

If you have already logged into The Dojo previously, simply head over to www.bjadojo.co.uk and select “Existing British Judo Member”

Once you have accessed your account, you will be able to renew your membership using the menus down the left hand.

Please click here to download a short guide to help you navigate around The Dojo

If you have any answers logging into The Dojo, please email thedojo@britishjudo.org.uk