Referees and Officials Applauded at European Open

Following the 2018 Glasgow European Open earlier this month, Bill Taggart, Chairman of the National Referees Commission was full of praise for the British Officials and Referees involved in the competition.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank and congratulate all those who had a part to play in the organisation and running of a successful Glasgow European Open 2018, it was a truly spectacular event and I was privileged to have a mat side seat, an event everyone in British Judo should be proud of.

I would like to make a special mention to all our British Referees, Keith Merrick, Martin Rivers, Andy Tremlett and Graeme Maclachlan who all got medal matches and did British refereeing proud, also to James McBeath who did a fantastic job as Referee Liaison Officer.

Let’s not forget those who worked tirelessly in the background in Judogi Control to ensure that the event ran smoothly and the players got to the mat on time and in the correct Judogi, and would like to thank all those referees who worked alongside Carol and Peter for what was a great weekend of Judo and without the hard work of those on the team this would not have been possible.

Having been overseen on both days by Mr Michal Vachun, Vice President of the EJU, who gave our team full marks, so well done to everyone.

The success of this event can on go on to make us stronger and with the current group of referees we have in the country, i am confident it is only a matter of time before we get someone to referee at a major event.”

A team effort by all concerned.”

Bill Taggart
Chairman – National Referees Commission
BJA- Board of Directors.