RAF Festival of Judo attracts big name Forces Judoka

Royal Air Force (RAF) base Cosford was again host to the annual RAF Festival of Judo and RAF Judo Championships and this year saw a superb resurgence in participation levels, of players of all abilities.

The event saw the mixing of athletes from the emerging martial art of Brazilian Ju Jitsu with new and experienced judo players. All benefitted from the sharing of manoeuvres and techniques.

At the beginning of the week players received a master class from ex-World Champion Craig Fallon and his partner (former RAF Elite Athlete) SAC Becky Dunning (RAF Cosford). This was followed up by another class from Royal Marine Chris Sherrington, who is a recent over 100kg Glasgow Commonwealth Games gold medallist.

RAF players and coaches were in awe at the skills and techniques that they were taught.

Players were then provided opportunities to practice their new skills at local judo clubs. All of this culminated in players participating in the RAF Judo Championships. The RAF Judo Champs comprised of ground work as well as traditional judo fighting competitions.

There was a mix of novice, intermediate and senior competitions, as well as Inter-Station and Inter-Group team titles to be won.

Craig Fallon teaching RAF Judo


Novice Lightweight – Ground Work:

1st – SAC Kristian Rolland (RAF Wittering); 2nd – SAC Patrick McIntosh (RAF Wittering); =3rd – SAC Adam Rowbray-Evans (RAF Wittering); =3rd – Cpl Chris Hibbert (RAF Benson).

Novice Heavyweight Ground Work: 1st – SAC James Hancox (Middle Wallop); 2nd – SAC Christian Speare (RAF Wittering).

Intermediate Lightweight – Ground Work:

1st – Cpl Craig Stanton (RAF Henlow); 2nd – Sgt James Humphreys (RAF Honington); 3rd – SAC Grant Worsley (RAF Wittering).

Intermediate Heavyweight – Ground Work:

1st – Cpl Doug McAll (RAF Cosford); 2nd – SAC James Morgan (RAF Wittering).

Senior Lightweight – Ground Work: 1st – Sqn Ldr Mike Saunders (RAF High Wycombe).