With the British Championships less than one day away, we have a look at the ones to watch this weekend at the EIS, Sheffield when the best in young British judo talent compete to be crowned British Champion.

Pre-Cadet Boys

Stanley Pusey topped the podium in the -34kg category at the recent Welsh Open and will be looking to add the British title this weekend alongside Coventry Judo Club’s Rohan Harwood (-38kg).

Hayes Campbell finished top in Wales ahead of Chayse Franklin in the -42kg category whilst in the -46kg category Archie Strang topped the podium.

In the -50kg category Nikoloz Shengelia and Goldie Logan could again battle it out for gold having taken gold and silver in Wales.

There could be a home club rivalry in the -55kg category as Palavani Judo Club’s George Gvinjila and Luka Gigilashvili claimed gold and silver in Wales respectively.

Meanwhile in the -60kg category, High Wycombe Judo Centre’s Harrison Elliot will be looking to improve on the silver medal he won in Wales.

Pre-Cadet Girls

After claiming gold at the recent Welsh Open Lexi Buchanan (-36kg) and Ellie Shipp (-52kg) will be eyeing the top of the podium this weekend.

Also taking gold in Wales was Taylor Chrisp (-44kg) and Maia Thomson (-48kg).

Bishops Stortford had two gold medallists in at the Welsh Open with Hannah King (-40kg) and Chloe Allen (+63kg) both taking the top step on the podium, and will be hoping for the same this weekend.

Cadet Boys

Ethan Price was silver medallist at the 2019 British Championships in the Pre-Cadet (PCB) -34kg category, now competing in the -46kg category, he recently won gold at the Welsh Open.

Bishop Stortford’s Benjamin Nunn was silver medallist in 2019 in the PCB -38kg category. Competing in the -50kg category he recently won bronze at the Welsh Open

Kyras Chambers-Edutie was crowned PCB -46kg champion in 2019 and will be aiming to add -55kg gold after claiming gold in Wales.

Irakli Goginashvili (-66kg) recently topped the podium in Wales, in 2019 he was bronze medallist in the -50kg PCB.

Pro Judo’s Eden Heffernan was gold medallist in 2019 in the PCB -66kg category. He now competes in the -73kg category and enters after winning bronze at the Welsh Open.

Alister Doig was crowned PCB -73kg champion in 2019, following a silver medal at the Welsh Open in the -81kg category, the Just Judo judoka recently took silver at the Welsh Open.

Cadet Girls

Amelia Alder was British Judo Pre-Cadet (PCG) champion in 2019 in the -40kg category. She will be returning in 2021 in a bid to claim the -48kg gold.

Another returning champion is Sadie Hope, she will be bidding for -52kg gold, but will face competition from Charlotte Jenman following her gold at the Welsh Open.

Gateshead Judo Club’s Kenady Raine was Champion in 2019 and will compete in the -57kg category. A challenge will come in the form of Chloe Link, who recently won gold at the Welsh Open ahead of Raine.

Bishops Stortford’s Nicole Wood (-70kg) topped the podium at the Welsh Open and was also British champion in 2019.

Gracie Wilson and Milly Horsfield were both crowned champions in 2019, they both return in 2021 in the same weight category to battle for gold.

Weigh-in Times

Cadet Boys – Saturday 4th December 2021: 07:30hrs – 08:30hrs EIS, Sheffield Badminton Hall

Pre Cadet Girls– Saturday 4th December 2021: 12:00hrs – 13:00hrs EIS, Sheffield Badminton Hall

Cadet Girls – Sunday 5th December 2021: 07:30hrs – 08:30hrs EIS, Sheffield Badminton Hall

Pre Cadet Boys – Sunday 5th December 2021: 10:00hrs – 11:00hrs EIS, Sheffield Badminton Hall

Competition starts: 09:30hrs on both days.

Our full COVID-19 guidance can be found

Coaches collect your wristband from the coaching desk in the main foyer of the EIS Sheffield.

Any enquiries before and on the weekend to

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