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Following a return from an elbow surgery in 2019 Emma has medalled in 10 of 16 competitions. Following the enforced covid break, Reid made her IJF World Tour debut in 2021 and has gone on to win gold at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam. A result that has seen her rocket up the world ranking list. This was all achieved whilst Emma was working full time at the British Judo Association as part of the Events Team.

Global Championships
Event Year Position
World Championships – Tashkent 2022
Commonwealth Games – Birmingham 2022 Gold
European Championships – Sofia 2022
European U23 Championships – Podgorica 2017
IJF World Tour
Event Year Position
Dushanbe Grand Prix 2023 5th
Portugal Grand Prix 2023 Bronze
Baku Grand Slam 2022 5th
Hungary Grand Slam 2022 5th
Antalya Grand Slam 2022 7th
Paris Grand Slam 2022 5th
Portugal Grand Prix 2022 5th
Abu Dhabi Grand Slam 2021 Gold
Zagreb Grand Prix 2021 Bronze
Continental Cup/Open
Event Year Position
Malaga European Open 2021 Bronze
Dubrovnik European Cup 2021 Bronze
Sarajevo European Open 2021 Gold
Prague European Open 2021 Bronze
Bratislava European Open 2020 Silver
Odivelas European Open 2020 Bronze
Malaga European Cup 2019 Silver
Sarajevo European Cup 2019 Silver
Oberwart European Open 2019 7th
Sofia European Open 2019 Silver
Malaga European Cup 2018 7th
Glasgow European Open 2018 7th
Rome European Open 2018 5th
Belgrade European Open 2017 7th
Bratislava European Cup 2017 5th
Prague European Open 2017 7th
Glasgow European Open 2016 7th
London European Cup 2015 Bronze
Leibnitz European Open 2015 5th
Athens European Cup 2015 Silver