Oxford couple take up judo for Olympic challenge

A husband and wife from Oxford have become fully fledged members of the British Judo Association and Oxford University Judo Club after taking on a challenge to compete against each other in all 26 Olympic sports for charity. 

Corné and Sam Vermaak, who both work at Oxford University, have been raising money for CAMFED who since 1993 have worked to fight poverty and HIV by educating girls and empowering women in five African countries.

The couple have become enamoured with judo as they’ve been guided by Oxford head coach and British Judo Technical Officer Chris Doherty who has worked tirelessly with the newcomers.

Corné was crowned the winner as he was victorious in two of their three contests.

Sam Vermaak said: “We have to say an absolutely huge thank you to Oxford Judo Club, and particularly coaches Chris and Jordan Doherty as well as referee Jim, for all their support, encouragement, fabulous coaching and for starting us off on our judo careers.

“Additionally these fantastic people decided that the club would donate £100 towards our challenge fundraising which is amazing – seriously, if you want to meet a great group of people, come and join Oxford Judo Club.”

Chris Doherty said: “Sam and Corné have been fantastic, they’re dedicated, willing to learn and have great enthusiasm. We’re delighted they chose to start their judo careers with us and really support their challenge.”

For mo information on the couple’s Olympic challenge and to donate visit http://isisolympicchallenge.wordpress.com/