Technical Official – Senior Recorder Course – 17 August 2024

EICA EICA, South Platt Hill, Ratho, Newbridge, Newbridge

Senior Recorder is the third level of officiating offered by British Judo. The training programme for Senior Recorders is a one day course, culminating in a written examination. On successful completion of the training programme, candidates will be able to hold licences for multi-mat competitions up to level 3, non-point scoring. What do you need […]


Technical Official – Online Timekeeper Course – 17 October 2024

Timekeeper/Scorer qualifications maybe done over 3 competitions without pre training, or 1 competition if preceded by a Timekeepers training module. The course module focuses on the basics of a judo contest and the role the timekeeper and scorer plays during competition judo. Participants need to have a BJA membership (can be free volunteer membership) and […]