Olympic Silver Medallist Ray Stevens Release New Book

British Judo’s 1992 Olympic silver medallist has released a new book, The Fundamentals of Judo.

The 6th Dan and double commonwealth gold medallist has teamed up with Edward Semple to create the book aimed at beginners and improving judo players.

The Fundamentals of Judo identifies the essential techniques that define Judo as a fighting art and looks at how students should practise and develop these key skills. The core techniques are analysed in depth and through step-by-step photography for the benefit of both beginner and experienced Judo players. The analysis of each technique reflects Ray Stevens’ detailed technical knowledge and experience as a Judo player.

The book also covers how Judo originated and evolved, the effect Judo has had on the world of martial arts, along with how a Judo club is structured and how students of all abilities can practise and train together.

It also gives a guide on how to get started and to get the most from your training alon with an in-depth analysis of some of the core techniques that define Judo, demonstrated through step-by-step photography.

The book costs £14.99 with copies available from Judostore.co.uk