Northern Home Counties Marks Return To Judo

The Northern Home Counties celebrated the return of junior judo recently with an Area Training day for all young judoka in the area.

Expertly led by Lead Coaches Martin Rance, Samantha Chraniuk and Nicki Harris whilst assisted by Alan Scott, members from fifteen British Judo clubs descended on High Wycombe Judo Centre for a day of high-octane training.

With Jita Kyoei (mutual benefit/working together) the theme of the day, judoka were split into three training groups categorised by age, ability and grade. The groups rotated through stations based on Tachiwaza, Newaza and Outdoor Fitness to be put through their paces.

From the warm up at the beginning of the day to Randori at the end, each judoka was encouraged to focus on co-operation and team work including regular changes and engagement across the whole training group.

Parents and judoka alike were full of praise for the coaches following the session:

“Thank you NHC for putting together this mornings training sessions, very well organised in the rotation of each session. It was outstanding.”

“Thank you so very much NHC, it was fantastic for them!!! The planning was military style, truly impressive!! There’s going to be some tired judoka tonight.”

“Thanks so much to all the coaches for all the effort and planning that made the session possible, fantastic to see all judoka back on the mat again catching up with judo friends”
Well done to the following clubs who were represented on the day:

Newbury Judo Club,
Pinewood Judo Club,
Grays Judo,
Team A.S Judo,
High Wycombe Judo Centre,
Ford Judo Club,
Osterley Judo Club,
Kangei Judo Club,
St. Albans Judo Club,
Micklefield Judo Club,
Cropredy Judo Club,
Bishops Stortford Judokwai,
Renzoku Judo Club,
Bedford Judo Club,
Rush Judo

Well done to the Northern Home Counties!