Northern Area Pre-Cadet & Cadet Open Now Accepting Entries

The Northern Area Pre-Cadet & Cadet Open competition returns on Saturday 9th June at Gateshead Leisure Centre. 

This competition has not been staged for a number of years but is making a return in 2018 as part of the British Judo Association Competition Structure and in particular, to support the new England Judo Squad Programme.

Pre-cadets born in 2004 or 2005 and Cadets born in 2001, 2002 and 2003 with a minimum grade of green belt will be eligible to apply.

Competitors must hold current BJA or affiliate membership. Foreign competitors must be a member of their national governing body and produce evidence of this as well as photographic evidence of age (eg passport). All competitors MUST bring their VALID judo membership card to registration along with their record book which shows they meet the minimum grade.

Competition Format: Format will be compound repechage if 8 or more entries and pools to crossover or single pool if fewer than 8.

This is a BJA Level Three event for Pre-Cadets. Strangles and arm-locks are NOT allowed.

Positive coaching will be allowed throughout the contest for Pre-Cadets.

This is a BJA Level Four event for Cadets. For Cadets, IJF rules will be in force with the following exceptions:

  • The 30 second rule will NOT be in force.
  • Judogi measurements are as per 2016 IJF rules, but the Red Label rules or the need to wear judogi of specified manufacturers will NOT be in force.
  • There will be NO IJF random weight checks.
  • Matside coaching will ONLY be allowed between Mate and Hajime, whether from the coach’s chair or adjacent to the mat area.

Blue and white judogi are not required. If you bring a blue judogi, you MUST also bring a white one.Remember to bring your own blue and white belt and your grade belt for medal presentations.

Weigh-In Times: 

Saturday 9th June 2018:
Pre-Cadets – 8:30am till 9:30am
Cadets – 10:30am till 11:30am

Usual allowances of 0.5 kg for boys and 0.6 kg for girls will be used.

Three mats will be used. A warm up area will be available.
Players must make the minimum weight for their category.

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