Neil Eckersley art exhibition in Paris

Former British Judo Olympian Neil Eckersley takes the next step in his artistic career when he opens a new exhibition in Paris from Thursday 8 October.

The Olympic bronze medallist from the 1984 Los Angeles Games had always enjoyed art but as his judo career took off that had to take second place to his sporting passion.

However he continued to paint even when he was on the road and as someone with dyslexia he found it to be a perfect outlet for his creative urges and for expressing emotions.

Since his retirement his post-judo career has really taken off and later this month he will be opening his latest exhibition which is inspired by Stavanger, Norway where he has been coaching judo for the last 12 months.

“The exhibition is the first time I’ve ever exhibited in Paris, and I’m so excited to have this opportunity to have a solo exhibition of my current work in Studio 110.

“Studio 110 is a new and modern gallery situated in the Montmartre area which is the artist quarter in Paris, where many famous artists have exhibited before. My new work is bright, colourful and abstract and reflects the Norwegian environment.

“What amazes me about living in Norway is the size and scale of the skies. The light is pretty unique and this environment has really affected my work and I have used some bold and exciting pieces for the new exhibition in Paris. I have also drawn influence from Jackson Pollock.

“I am just currently finishing my latest piece which is 6.5 m x 2.5 m and is the largest piece that I’ve ever done.”

The exhibition in Paris will run from Thursday, 8 October for four weeks, admission is free and Neil will be at the opening of the event on Thursday through till Sunday 11 October. For more information on the event and Neil’s artwork visit: and