Neil Adams opens United Judo Club

Neil Adams opens United Judo Club

United Judo Club recently welcomed the legendary Neil Adams MBE to open their new club in the Borough of Bexley.

United Judo Senior Coach, Dave Quinn, said: “I am truly thrilled and honoured to have Neil open our Club officially. This club would not have been possible without the hard work and generous funding of our members and trustees.

“We were informed of a gym that was looking to sell its lease in the Borough of Bexley on the outskirts of London. We put a business plan together and they were impressed.  After a month of work and dedication by all, we are now starting to open sessions every day of the week.”

The club plans to run special inclusion sessions in the future and run a specialist ‘hard of hearing and deaf’ class.

The clubs senior randori sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday continue to grow week by week, with judoka visiting the sessions from the local areas.

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Photo: David Finch