National Dan Gradings To Return in 2021/22

After a year without Dan gradings, the BJA will be holding a series of special Dan gradings across the UK for 12 months, following full return to judo, to help players “catch up”.

These gradings will allow players, wherever possible, a minimum of FIVE contests, as well as standard line-up opportunities. They will also focus, in particular, on certain groups who have often struggled for contests, namely:

  1. Women (all grades 1st Kyu and above and all ages)
  2. Men higher Dan grades (1st Dan and above)
  3. Veteran men.

These gradings will be by entry in advance and will be held at high quality venues with full contest areas and safety areas ideally on sprung floors.

The first 3 National Dan Gradings will be advertised on the BJA events calendar and will be at the following venues and dates:-

30th October – High Wycombe (Male, Female and veterans)

13th November – York (Male, Female and veterans)

21st November – Samurai (Female only including Female veterans)

They will be held as trial events with Promotions Commission members in attendance and adaptations made as required. 3 more National Gradings will be planned for January, February and March 2022, ideally in North, Midlands and South.

Should these be successful we would then look to extending the process through the remainder of 2022 providing a total of up to 12 of these special opportunities to grade. Area Dan Gradings may of course continue but we would hope to focus on the larger, more likely to be successful, National events.

All Senior Examiners will have their award expiry dates extended until April 2022 with a view to holding a Senior Examiners conference in Spring 2022 where the scheme can be reviewed.

Additional method of gaining points (next 12 months only)

Players who currently have 70 points or more, may immediately claim up to another 30 points to achieve the 100 required by:-

  • 10 points for holding or completing any current BJA coaching award
  • 10 points for holding or completing any current Technical official/referees award
  • 10 points for any BJA Kata certificate at any level
  • 10 points discretionary award by Promotions Commission for significant contribution such as producing on-line content, judo videos etc.

Points for all of these can be added by email application to Dave Horton-Jones at

We can also award points for wins against foreign grades and reduced points for wins against a lower dan grade (minimum grade 1 Dan). Additionally, on a case by case basis, players can claim points that in earlier circumstances they were unable to gain, for example from significant international events. These will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Applications, with details and supporting evidence, should be emailed to Dave Horton-Jones as above.

Competitive Skills Assessment and Technical Dan Gradings

Players who need to complete their competitive skills assessment (sometimes known as theory) may until normality resumes, demonstrate their techniques on anyone that published restrictions allow, such as with a household member and where it is not possible or safe to complete the action they may take the techniques to the point of Kake (final application of force). The manner of the assessment must be agreed with by the Senior Examiner prior to the exam and as well as in dojo, can be carried out via any electronic media such as zoom, facetime or DVD.

The same arrangements can be made for players on the Technical Dan Grade path.

If you have any further questions about the National Dan Grading events, please contact