Club Volunteering

Club volunteers fulfil a variety of important roles to ensure judo clubs run smoothly.

Every judo club is unique with different set-ups and needs. The volunteering roles will vary from club to club but you will be warmly welcomed and put to good use if you decide to volunteer at a judo club.

What do Club Volunteers do?

Club Volunteers do a multitude of different roles exist. You may want to take on a traditional role such as chair, secretary, treasurer; volunteer to join a clubs committee; or get involved in the day to day running of the club.

Volunteering roles may include:

Who should be a Club Volunteer?

Anyone who wants to volunteer on a regular basis. Being a Club Volunteer is ideal for existing club members, parents who want to get more involved in the running of their child’s club, local volunteers, gap year students, retirees and anyone who is able to spare a few hours each week.

What skills are required to be a Club Volunteer?

The skills required would vary from role to role. But your professional skills can also be applied to a club. For example if you work in Marketing/PR/Communications you could fulfil a Press Officer role at a club.

Why should you get involved?

Club volunteers help build sustainable judo clubs by keeping everything running smoothly and making club environment feel welcoming to new and current members.

Reasons to get involved include:

  • Meet new people and make friends
  • Development new and existing skills
  • If you are a parent, to make use of the spare time you have while your children are on the mat training
  • If you are a student or working professional, to enhance your C.V and develop new skills
  • If you are a former player, to give something back to help those who have helped shape your own judo career

How can I get involved?

If you already attend a judo club and want to get involved in volunteering speak to the coach or volunteer co-ordinator to find out what opportunities are available. If you have a specific skill set let the club know, they may really need someone with your knowledge and experience.

If you aren’t currently involved in judo but would like to support your local club, use the club finder tool to locate your nearest club and contact them directly to offer your services.