National Commission & Area Refereeing Contacts

National Refereeing Commission

Bill Taggart – Chairman and Strategic Direction
Honorary Continental Referee and BJA Board Member

Keith Merrick – Vice Chairman and Technical Lead
International Referee

Carol Leverton – Commission Secretary and U25’s Development
Honorary Continental Referee

James McBeath – Tutor Development and Assessment Organiser
Continental Referee

Archi Shrimpton – Complaints, Conduct and Quality Control
Continental Referee

If you wish to contact a member of the National Refereeing Commission, you can do so via the Secretary.

Area Refereeing Representatives

Area Refereeing Representatives are the primary contact point for new and existing referees within their area. They will provide courses for new referees and those looking for promotion up to National C.

Eastern Mark Waterhouse
Judo Scotland Neil Malone
London Howard Clarke-Melville
Midlands Neil Lawcock
NHC Martin Bull
Nortern Ireland Andrew Taggart
North West Jean Knowles
Northern Alan Heron
Police Graham Bayley
Southern Andy Tremlett
Welsh Judo Tom Hughes
Western Mike Guatieri
Yorkshire & Humberside Ben George