Training for your first refereeing award

Your first step into refereeing will be to attend your first training course. Here you’ll learn the basics of what it is to be a referee, a better understanding of the contest rules and how to apply them.

For your first course, pick the level most appropriate to you and your existing experience. If you are in any doubt, your refereeing representative will be able to help you.

  • Club Referee Module – Judoka of at least 12 years old and 10th Mon / 3rd Kyu may attempt the Club award
  • Area Referee Module – Judoka of at least 15 years old and 15th Mon / 2nd Kyu may directly attempt the Area award

Fast Track options:

  • National C Referee Module – Judoka of at least 18 years old and a competitive 1st Dan may directly attempt the National C award
  • National B Referee Module – Judoka of at least 30 years old who have had at least 10 senior BJA selections for international events at European Cup or above and won at least two medals at senior European Cup or higher may directly attempt the National B award. International coaches with at least 10 events completed at European Cup or higher and have returned at least two medals with their athletes.

After you complete the training course, you’ll then need to complete a theory paper and practical assessment within one year. Once passed, you’ll officially become a British Judo referee.

Training for your next promotion

Once you have become experienced at your current refereeing grade, so long as you meet the criteria for the next grade, you’ll be able to apply for promotion by completing the next refereeing module. Before applying, it is worthwhile to speak with your area representative or other senior referees to understand how you are performing and how likely you would be to pass the next award.

  • Area Referee Module
  • National C Referee Module
  • National B Referee Module
  • National A Referee Module
  • Continental Programme

After completing the module, you’ll need to complete a theory paper and practical assessment / assessment programme.

Continuous Development – National Seminars

Like many international sports, the rules of judo continue to be updated and refined to meet the needs of modern competition. It is important that our referees remain up to date with the latest interpretation and application of the contest rules to ensure that we continue to apply the highest standards of refereeing and, most importantly, that the right player wins the contest.

National seminars are organised each year, open to referees, coaches and athletes and will cover the latest rule updates, updates based on observations of domestic and international refereeing performances, training video clips and provide an opportunity for questions on technical matters.

It is mandatory for National B and above referees to attend a national seminar at every two years in order to revalidate. Attendance is optional for National C, Area and Club referees.

Finding and Booking a Course

Most bookings can be made from British Judo’s events calendar by clicking here

National B and National A modules are run a limited number of times per year based on demand. If a course isn’t listed, please express your interest to your Area Refereeing Representative.

Search for judo refereeing courses coming up in your area using our Events Calendar