The Senior National Referee award is the sixth level of refereeing qualification awarded by British Judo and is the same technical refereeing level as the National A award.

The senior national award is bestowed on to those referees who have consistently performed well in British events and consistently demonstrated their high level ability to develop and drive forward the educational systems of British Judo for refereeing.

The award does not have an exact criterion as there are differing levels of contribution that may qualify a National A referee for this award. However, the guidelines are:

  1. Minimum 3rd Dan
  2. Been a referee examiner for 5 years or more
  3. Been a referee course tutor for 5 years or more
  4. Been a National A referee for 5 years or more
  5. Have averaged at least 10 events per year for the last 5 years
  6. Must hold current full BJA membership
  7. Be considered of appropriate character for the award by the NRC