Athlete & Coach Fast-Track Opportunities

British Judo recognise that knowledge and expertise developed in other judo disciplines is valuable and highly transferable to refereeing.

Internationally, many Olympians and international competitors have chosen refereeing as a pathway to continue to play an active role in the sport after they retire from competition. They have gone on to become Olympic and World Championship referees.

To attract advanced candidates and give credit to previous experience, the refereeing structure allows ‘Fast Track’ entry to the higher referee awards.

High performing athletes or coaches with significant international experience are encouraged to take up this opportunity and will be supported to do so.

For International Athletes:

Fast Track to National B Award: Judoka of at least 30 years old who have had at least 10 senior selections for international events at European Cup or above and have won at least two medals at senior European Cup or higher may directly attempt the National B award.

For International Coaches:

Fast Track to National B Award: International coaches with at least 10 events completed at European Cup or higher and have returned at least two medals with their athletes may also apply to directly attempt the National B award.

For Competitive Judoka:

Fast Track to National C Award: Judoka of at least 18 years old and a competitive 1st Dan may directly attempt the National C award

Interested? We’d be happy to discuss how you can transition to refereeing further – please contact your Area Refereeing Representative or the NRC Secretary.