Timekeeper/Scorer are the starting point of your officiating journey in judo.

If you are new judo and/or want to help out at competitions then this is the officiating role for you.

The training programme for the Timekeeper/Scorers is done over 3 competitions. It focuses on understanding the basics of a judo contest and the role the timekeeper and scorer plays during competition judo.

On successful completion of the training programme candidates will be able to British Judo act as timekeepers and scorers at British Judo events and competitions.  

What do you need before you can sign up?

  • Be at least 10 years of age
  • Be a current member of the British Judo Association. If the candidate is not a current member British Judo will issue an associate membership (valid for table officiating only). This will last for three years and can be renewed free of charge at the end of that time if the person is still active
  • Good communication and ‘people skills’

Training details

Candidates undergo ‘on the job’ training at a competition in order to become Timekeeper/Scorers. As part of their training candidates learn:

  • An awareness of referee words and signals which require action from them as Timekeepers/Scorers
  • An ability to time keep and score effectively including when to re-set at end of contest
  • An awareness of procedure when osaekomi is on at end of contest time
  • A basic understanding of scoring and penalty systems

In order to complete the training candidates are required to get their Timekeeper/Scorer assessment form signed at 3 separate events. At least one of the signatures must be from a Senior Recorder or Competition Controller.

When and where there is suitable demand, short Timekeeper/Scorer courses will be run.

How much does the award cost?

The training programme to become a Timekeeper/Scorer is free.

Where can I train to become a Timekeeper/Scorer?

You can find listings of competitions where you can do ‘on the job’ training to become a Timekeeper/Scorer on our Events Calendar.