Event Title


Welsh Closed Championships 25.11.2023
Sheffield University Kyu Grade Tournament  25.11.2023
North West Open  18.11.2023
Colin Oates Getting Started  18.11.2023
SKK Orange Belt and Under, Kyu and Dan Open  12.11.2023
The Scottish National Closed Championships 11.11.2023
SKK Red and Yellow Belt Competition 11.11.2023
Y&H Regional School Championships 05.11.2023
Samurai Ladies Blue and Under Championships 05.11.2023
Samurai Girls Green and Under Championships 05.11.2023
Samurai Boys Green and Under Championships 04.11.2023
Welsh Pre-Cadet and Cadet Open 28-29.10.2023
Eastern Area Closed Championships 22.10.2023
Western Area Regional School Championships 22.10.2023
HWJC Red Belt Rumble 21.10.2023
British Masters Championships 15.10.2023
Nottingham Age and Grade Band 15.10.2023
Kazoku Trophy Cup 14-15.10.2023
Concord Judo Club Red and Yellow Belt Tournament 14.10.2023
British Minors Championships 14.10.2023
Royal Marines Open 08.10.2023
Yamato Judo Club Interclub 08.10.2023
Osaka Judo Club Red Belt Rumble 08.10.2023
Highland Budokan Grand Prix 07.10.2023
Dragons Academy Orange Belt and Under Championships 07.10.2023
Worcester Orange and Under 01.10.2023
Welsh Junior and Senior Open 30.09.2023
Kingsley School Judo Club Red & Yellow Novices Tournament  30.09.2023
Northern Area Open Championships 30.09.2023
Northern Area Regional Schools Championships 30.09.2023
British Kata Championships 24.09.2023
NHC Junior, Senior and Master Open 24.09.2023
NHC Minors, Pre-Cadet and Cadet Open 23.09.2023
Nottingham Cadet & Senior Grade Banded Open 17.09.2023
BSJK Alex Jackson Red Belt Championships 10.09.2023
Senior Kyu Grade Development Event 10.09.2023
Heart of England  09.09.2023
PSUK National Championships 09.09.2023
English Closed 02.09.2023
East Anglian Fours 13.08.2023
Harlow Judo Club Red Belt Rumble 06.08.2023
British Open Adaptive and VI Championships  05.08.2023
West of England International Open  23.07.2023
Nottingham Under 8 Festival and Mini Mon Open 23.07.2023
The Craig Fallon Cup 22.07.2023
Carmarthen Mini Mon Match 22.07.2023
Cherry All Stars U8 Festival and Mini-Mon Open  16.07.2023
Moonrakers Judo Club Championships  15.07.2023
Higham and Rushden Yellow and Under 15.07.2023
NHC Split Grade Open (The Don Werner Memorial Championships) 09.07.2023
British National Team Championships 01.07.2023
Kent International 24-25.06.2023
North Yorkshire Open Development Festival  24.06.2023
London Youth Games  17.06.2023
Interservices Judo Championships 15.06.2023
Goole Judo Championships  11.06.2023
Royal Navy Closed Championships 28.05.2023
High Wycombe Masters 27.05.2023
Granite City Grand Prix  26.05.2023
HWJC Kyu Grade Cup 21.05.2023
BSJK Red and Yellow Belt Rumble 21.05.2023
Sussex Red Yellow and Orange  20.05.2023
HWJC Bill Nobbs Memorial Team Championships 20.05.2023
Samurai Men Senior Dan Grade Open  20.05.2023
Southern Area Intercounties  14.05.2023
English Junior and Senior Open 13.05.2023
Scottish All Stars Championships 2023 13.05.2023
Carmarthen Judo Club Red Belt Rumble 13.05.2023
Clyde Open Grand Prix 07.05.2023
Sussex Closed Trials 30.04.2023
Craven Open Judo Championships  29.04.2023
Ian Raine Durham Mini Mon  29.04.2023
Goole Judo Development  23.04.2023
Nottingham Cadet & Senior Grade Banded Open  23.04.2023
Northern Ireland Open 22-23.04.2023
West Yorkshire Championships  16.04.2023
High Wycombe Judo Club Red Belt Rumble  15.04.2023
Richard Lloyd Memorial  15.04.2023
Windsor Judo Club Red Belt Rumble  02.04.2023
Hampshire Closed  02.04.2023
This Is Judo Cardiff 01.04.2023
Y&H Senior and Masters Open  26.03.2023
North West Closed 26.03.2023
Surrey Closed 26.03.2023
Bosai Kyoso 26.03.2023
London Open 25-26.03.2023
Higham and Rushden Judo Club Yellow and Under  25.03.2023
Kazoku Senior Open Championships 18.03.2023
Glasgow Senior Team Championships  18.03.2023
Samurai Senior and Masters Kyu Grades  18.03.2023
Strathkelvin Open 12.03.2023
British Schools Championships 2023 Day 1

British Schools Championships 2023 Day 2

University of Sheffield Teams (USIST) 11.03.2023
GU/Strathclyde Charity Fight Night  08.03.2023
Oxford-Cambridge Varsity Tournament  05.03.2023
NHC Low Grades Development Event 04.03.2013
Sussex Red and Yellow Belt Open  04.03.2023
English Open Cadet 26.02.2023
Goole Judo Championships and Under 8 Festival  26.02.2023
Kazoku Championships РRed and Yellow Future Olympic Hopes  26.02.2023
English Open Pre Cadet 

English Open Minor

2nd Liverpool Open 19.02.2023
Carlton Forum JC Age and Grade Band  19.02.2023
Moberly Stars Red & Yellow Belt Rumble  18.02.2023
BUCS Judo Championships 2023 18-19.02.2023
SSJC Mini Mon Competition 12.02.2023
Eastern Area Development Event  12.02.2023
Warwick University Invitation 2023 11.02.2023
High Wycombe Green Belt and Under  11.02.2023
Mike’s Judo Club Schools Competition 04.02.2023
Scottish Student Championships 2023 04.02.2023
Midland Area Open Championships  28.01.2023
Wales Regional Schools 2023 28.01.2023
London Area Development Event  28.01.2023
Kent Kyu Grade Open  22.01.2023
Scottish Open Championships 2023 21-22.01.2023
Southern Area Regional Schools  14.01.2023
Portland JC u8 & 8-14 Mini-Mon Open   15.01.2023