When planning an event it is important to check that the date you are wanting to use is not just convenient for you and the venue but is also for the players, coaches, referees, officials and event volunteers you are wanting to attract.

The events calendar can be used to check what events are scheduled to take place on a given day, however it is important to note that competitions are only added to the calendar once a tournament licence has been issued.  This means other events may have been scheduled for that day but for whatever reason have not yet been approved.

The central calendar planning spreadsheet provides a more detailed overview of what events are likely to take place on what day.  To download the most recent central calendar planning spreadsheet please click below:

2022 Calendar Planning

2023 Calendar Planning

This spreadsheet is updated on a regular basis.
Events listed in red are planned but not confirmed.
Tournament licence applications that have been received and approved but have yet to be issued fare listed in orange. Events marked in green are licensed and confirmed.

Events are approved on a first come, first serve basis and on occasion it may be necessary to reject a tournament licence application if too many events are scheduled to take place in the same area on the same day or if there is a clash between a ranking event and a performance training session.

In order to avoid disappointment and to ensure your event gets precedence over other proposed events it is wise to reserve a calendar slot as far in advance as possible.  To book your events slot on the planning calendar please input your event details via the event booking slot form.

Please note: The central calendar planning document should be used by competition and event organisers ONLY. Coaches and players should not rely on this document for forward planning on event travel / accommodation.  Events are subject to change and only confirmed once on the BJA events calendar.