Information and documents on the processes and organisation of British Judo’s coaching system can be found on this page.

Coach Reinstatement and Recognition Document Admin Process (As of Oct 2023)

Recognition of Coaching Awards Issued by other Associations (As of Oct 2023)

Coaching Qualifications Summary (As of Apr 2023)

Coaching FAQs (As of Apr 2023)

Coaches Codes of Conduct and Ethics (As of Jul 2023)

Coach Award Appeals Procedure

Head Injury Protocol (As of Oct 2022)

Applied Learning Application Form

A BJA club should have BJA Club Insurance and the requirements needed to meet all insurance. There should be at least one Level 2 qualified coach within your club and each coach thereafter should have a valid:

  • DBS
  • Safeguarding and protecting children certificate
  • First Aid certificate
  • Attend 3 revalidation modules within the last coaching cycle

*Failure to have any of the above means your coach is not BJA licensed and this will invalidate your club’s insurance.

UK Coaching

UK Coaching resources

UK Coaching Workshops

You can also find useful external resources from Sports Coach UK around coaching athletes with disabilities

Impairment Specific Coaching Awareness Factsheets

Coaching Resources:

Connect Coaches

Coaching’s free online community for coaches from all sports and activities. It’s a friendly and supportive place where members pool ideas and solve problems together, sharing their experiences for the benefit of the wider coaching community.

You’ll find lots on the site to help improve your coaching, including blogs, podcasts, videos, photos and conversations started in the many group forums. Registration is free and simple. 

Koka Kids Judo Coaching Resources – Nicola Fairbrother (7th Dan, Olympic Silver 1992, World Champion 1993, MBE)

What are the Koka Kids Coaching Resources?

It’s an online library of printable resources to help coaches teach judo.

For example, if a coach wants to teach Hane-Goshi they can go to that technique and print off the teaching material.

There are posters that can be pinned up on the dojo walls. Each step of the technique is illustrated, so the kids can see how to do the technique.

Already there are 40+ techniques to choose from – and I add a new technique every week.

How does a coach get the resources?

Each Monday, I send out the resources by email, to all subscribed coaches.

They are sent as high resolution, print-ready pdf files, easy to download, and the coach can print off as required.

Sensei Paul Jones, (Paul Jones School of Judo, Basingstoke) prints out certificates and teaching sheets for the techniques he plans to teach each term and uses them to help plan his lessons.

How much does a subscription cost?

A paid subscription is just £60.00 for a full year, which includes over a hundred different resources. There is also a free trial option.

Are there also tools to promote judo?

Yes, there are various flyers. Cubs can add in their own contact details, logo etc and use them to gain new members.

What are the most popular resources?

Some of the most used resources are the certificates; Judoka of the Month, Good Attendance, Judo Spirit, Most Improved etc.

The certificates help boost confidence and give the children a reward for the effort they are putting in.

Ross Goodwin, (Kaidokan Judo Academy) told me ““The children love the certificates as it inspires them further. We use a variety of certificates which can be earned in versatile ways to ensure all children focus on themselves and support their team. They can be earned by displaying perseverance, patience, determination, overcoming adversity and for supporting one another.”

How can I sign up to get the resources each Monday?

Go to the Koka Kids Coaching Resource page and sign up, or enter your email here: