MSC Advanced Sport Coaching Practice

The MSc Advanced Sport Coaching Practice is a 1st 4 Sport Award which looks at developing coaches who work with competitive players. This awards builds upon the UKCC Level 3 in Coaching Performance Judo and is open to coaches working with players on the performance pathway or players with competitive aspirations.

The course will equip coaches with the necessary tools to deal with: the pressures of high performance coaching, achieve at the highest level within their area and provide the innovation to move their organisation’s coaching forward.

Candidates will receive mentoring support and access to the most up to date information in performance coaching, applied sports science research and access to Sheffield-Hallam’s in-house experts in many sports science disciplines.

If you are already a qualified UKCC Level 3 coach and are looking to develop your knowledge and skills to deliver a holistic training programme then this is the course for you. 


Post Graduate Certificate

Candidates that successfully complete their 4 study modules over a single year will receive the Post Graduate Certificate.

Post Graduate Diploma/UKCC Level 4

Candidates that successfully complete their 8 study modules over two years will receive the Post Graduate Diploma and will be recognised as a UKCC Level 4 coach. 

BJA Level 5

Candidates that take the option to do a further year (3 years in total) to complete the Master degree will be recognised as a BJA Level 5 coach upon successful completion of 8 study modules and the submission of a dissertation. 

What do you need before you can sign up?


This course has been designed to continue specialist studies at master’s level for students who already possess a degree in any subject. Prospective candidates may also have an appropriate combination of other subject specific qualifications and/or relevant practical experience.


  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Be a current member of the British Judo Association
  • Hold a minimum British Judo Association 1st Dan Grade or above
  • Normally you will be required to hold a UKCC Level 3 Award in Coaching Performance Judo
  • A minimum of 3 years’ of experience coaching at performance level
  • Be able to communicate effectively in English (listening, speaking, reading and writing)

The course leader will interview applicants with non-standard qualifications.

Coaches from other countries and different combat and other sports are welcome to apply.

Course details

This programme is based on planning an annual programme which focuses on the holistic approach to training the whole player. Candidates will work through the following core modules over a three year period as part of this course:

Year 1

  1. Developing Professional Practice
  2. Psychology of Performance Coaching
  3. Applied Biomechanics and Performance Analysis
  4. Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Conditioning

Year 2

  1. Advanced Professional Practice
  2. Advanced Psychology of Performance Coaching
  3. Advanced Biomechanics and Match Analysis
  4. Advanced Physiology, Nutrition and Conditioning

Year 3

  1. Research Methods
  2. Research Projects

How much does the award cost?

Post Graduate Diploma – £4,140 (£2,070 each year for two years)

Masters Degree – £6,210 (£2070 each year for three years)

Look at our funding page to see what funding is available.

When do I receive my certificate from the course?

In addition to attending a UKCC Level 3 Judo Coach learning programme, completing the assessment and completing portfolio tasks, all candidates will require having the following in place before receiving their BJA Level in Coaching Judo Licence:

*Completion of the course will qualify you to be a coach but you will not be licensed or insured until the DBS, First Aid and Safeguarding certificates are completed. Once the candidate receives their award they will be required to attend three revalidation events in every six year period.

Where can I do the MSC Advanced Sport Coaching Practice?

The MSc Advanced Sport Coaching Practice is delivered by Sheffield Hallam University.