1st4Sport Level 3

The 1st4Sport Level 3 Award in Coaching Performance Judo is a 1st4Sport Award which looks at further developing coaches who are actively working across multiple recreational and/or performance environments with both children or adults. This awards builds upon the 1st4Sport Level 2 in Coaching Judo, providing an advanced level of knowledge for senior coaches.

The course aims to enable candidates to create an effective coaching environment, establish supportive working relationships and manage the behaviour of participants and others.

If you are already a qualified 1st4Sport Level 2 coach and are looking to develop your knowledge and skills to deliver a holistic training programme at your club, then this is the course for you.

The learning programme and assessment for the 1st4Sport Level 3 is run over eight days divided into four weekend blocks.

On successful completion of this course candidates will receive a 1st4Sport Level 3 coaching award and will be equipped to deliver: Coach all levels of judo activity, Grade up to and including 18th Mon and 1st Kyu, Open and run a judo club, Insured to act as referee, tournament director/technical official for Level 1 judo competitions and Obtain Matside accreditation for competition. 

What do you need before you can sign up?

Course details

This programme is based on planning an annual programme which focuses on the holistic approach to training the whole player. Candidates will work through the following mandatory units as part of this course:

  1. Understanding the Principles of Sale and Equitable Coaching Practice
  2. Understanding the Fundamentals of Coaching Programmes
  3. Understanding the Principles of Planning Coaching Programmes
  4. Understanding How to support Participants’ Lifestyle through Coaching Programmes
  5. Analyse player(s) Performance and set Programme goals in Judo
  6. Plan Coaching Programmes in Judo
  7. Manage Safe and Effective Judo Coaching Programmes
  8. Deliver Judo Coaching Programmes
  9. Develop Player(s) Performance in Judo
  10. Monitor and Evaluate Judo Coaching Programmes
  11. Develop Coaching Practice in Judo

How much does the award cost?

The course costs £500. Look at our funding page to see what funding is available.

When do I receive my certificate from the course?

In addition to attending a UKCC Level 3 Judo Coach learning programme, completing the assessment and completing portfolio tasks, all candidates will require having the following in place before receiving their UKCC Level 3 in Coaching Judo Licence:

*Completion of the course will qualify you to be a coach but you will not be licensed or insured until the DBS, First Aid and Safeguarding certificates are completed. Once the candidate receives their award they will be required to attend three revalidation events in every six year period.

Where can I do a 1st4Sport Level 3 course?

If you are interested in identifying and/or enrolling on any of our three levels of ‘Coach Award’, please complete the application form and allow us to help identify a suitable course for you.