Morley Judo Club hosts ‘throw-a-thon’ in aid of Turkey

Morley Judo Club recently hosted a ‘throw-a-thon’ in a bid to raise funds for the Turkey Earthquake Appeal. The 7.8 magnitude tremor struck near the city of Gaziantep earlier this month and has left devastating effects across both Turkey and Syria.

Morley Judo Club organised the event last minute in response to the disaster, hoping that the club would be able to contribute to helping as many families as possible who have been affected. The club pledged to complete 1000 throws in 60 minutes with judoka of all ages taking part in the event. Expectations were certainly exceeded on the day, with the judoka on the mat managing to complete a total of 1000 throws in only 26 minutes!

The astonishing effort was streamed on the club’s Instagram account which was watched and supported by many local judo clubs and supportive friends and family who collectively have raised over £2000 in donations since the ‘throw-a-thon’ Club coach Graham Takhar, led the event on the day and couldn’t have been prouder of his judoka and club taking part on the day commenting:

“A special shoutout to all the junior Judokas who participated with unwavering spirit and determination. Your passion for the sport and compassion for others is truly inspiring. We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Together, we make a difference.”

The club are continuing to accept donations for the event with all proceeds going to the Turkey Earthquake Appeal run by Mercy to Humanity. If you wish to show your support for the event and pledge a donation, you can do so using the link below.

Pledge your donation for the Morley Club ‘throw-a-thon’ here!

Donations must be made before 28th February 2023.

The International Judo Federation, in coordination with the Turkish Judo Federation, have also decided to help the population affected by the disaster by activating its donation platform. This will help greatly to collect and deliver basic necessities, which in these harsh times are lacking. 

The British Judo Association would like to congratulate Morley Judo Club on their outstanding effort, recognising the contribution the club has made.

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