Mobility is a key part of our injury prevention system within the British Judo World Class Performance Programme and below are a few of the exercises we use to help our athletes become more mobile.


Split stance thoracic rotation

Kneeling in a lunge position, hold your front ankle with your inside arm. In a slow and controlled movement, rotate your upper body with your outside arm outstretched so that your fingers end up pointing to the ceiling. Return to the start position slowly. Try 15 repetitions on each side.


Scorpions front/back

Lying on your back with your arms out-stretched, raise one leg off the ground into a hamstring stretch position. Slowly rotate the lifted leg over to the side, keeping your shoulders touching the floor. Aim to touch your toes onto the mat, then return slowly to the start position. Try 15 repetitions on each side.


Yoga push ups with reach

Starting in an arched push up position, reach with your right hand to touch your left ankle. Return to the starting position and then reach with your left hand to touch your right ankle. All movements should be slow and controlled. Try 6 repetitions on each side.



Mountain climbers

Starting from a press up position, move your right hip and knee forward so that your foot is placed in front of your right hand. Return to the start position and move your left hip and knee forward so that your foot is placed in front of your left hand. Keep your head and chest up during the movement. Try 10 repetitions on each side.


Hurdle lifts

Standing side on to the wall, use a hand on the wall for balance. Left the leg furthest away from the wall to the front, to the side and then backwards making a slow and controlled arc movement (as if you are lifting the leg over an imaginary hurdle). Repeat this but move the leg backwards, then to the side, then forwards. Try 5 repetitions on each side and in each direction.


Hip flexor stretch

Firstly, bring your right knee high up to your chest then step the right leg backwards behind you keeping your body straight. Using your arms as levers arch your body backwards in a slow and controlled movement to feel a stretch in the front of your right hip. Try 8 repetitions on each side.



Wall rotations

Standing side on to a wall a few inches away from your shoulder, start with your arm out in front and draw a big backward arc with your shoulder trying to keep your arm away from the wall. Repeat this arc movement but start with your arm behind you and move it in front of you. Move yourself closer to the wall as your mobility progresses. Try 15 repetitions on each side.


wall-rotations-2 wall-rotations-3

Prone shoulder lifts

Lying on your front with your shoulders by your side, slowly lift your arms off the floor and bring them forwards in an arc to finish in front of your head. Try and lift your arms as far from the floor as possible whilst keeping your chest and head down. Try 15 repetitions.

prone-shoulder-lifts-1 prone-shoulder-lifts-3prone-shoulder-lifts-2

Crook lying elevation

Lying on your back with your knees bent, maintain a small arch in your lower back. Bring your arms over your head in a slow and controlled movement whilst maintaining the small arch in your lower back. Return to the start position. Try 15 repetitions.