Senior, Junior & Cadet International Competition & EJU Quota

As international travel from the UK becomes more available, so does the opportunity to train and compete abroad. In the GB Memo dated April 2021 it was communicated that:

For European Cups, Continental Opens & Junior European Cups, Home Nations will select fighters as part of their training and competition programmes.

Currently this will stay the same for the rationale that international travel still poses significant risk, fightersover 18 are still only permitted to have contact training under the elite exemption together with the EJU Quota restricting the number of fighters allowed to enter competitions.

This means that for these competitions’ fighters will need to be selected or identified by their Home Nation Programme to compete abroad, regardless of the host country’s “traffic light” status.

Senior fighters previously identified by GB Judo or their Home Nation as being eligible to compete as part of their personal programme may submit a personal programme application 6 weeks prior to the competition.

Personal coaches attending competitions must follow BJA Covid protocols and procedures prior to and during any competition. Failure to do so may result in that coach not being permitted to attend international competition until these procedures are no longer required.

Cadet Competitions

British Judo and Home Nations will not sanction any international competitions for cadets at this time.

Additional Information

All competitions are subject to change, dependent on the status of Covid in both the UK and the host nation together with any Government exemptions in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

All fighters and coaches must adhere to Covid protocols and meet the deadlines set out by British Judo, JudoScotland, Welsh Judo, Northern Ireland Judo & England Judo.

If you have any questions, please contact your Home Nation Coach or Programme Lead.

Keep safe and see you on the mat soon

GB Performance Team and Home Nation Programmes