Restart of the IJF World Tour

Dear All

As per our communication on the 28 August 2020 with regards to the restart of the IJF World Tour,
we have spent the last month working with our COVID-19 Officer, Medical Team, EIS & BOA Covid-19 Advisory Groups, and ALL Home Nation Programmes in consideration of the IJF competition protocols and our Stage 4 Government Guidelines to create a GB Judo Return to International Competition Risk

A number of key people have been involved in shaping the GB Judo Return to International
Competition Risk Assessment including Nigel Donohue, Karen Roberts, David Hart, Dr Jo Banks, Chris
Price, Tim Ellis, John Bramall, Stefan Newbury, Kate Howey, Jamie Johnson, Dennis Stewart, Denny
Roberts, Ian Johns, Colin Oates, Jason Parsons, Simon Moss, Sophie Cox, Nicole Nunn, Euan Burton,
Mark Earle, Darren Warner, Ciaran Ward and Luke Preston to ensure that we consider how best and
when we safely return back to international competition.

A proposal will be presented to the British Judo Board and Performance Advisory Group for review
and approval and a communication will be made in due course as to how we will restart our
international competition programme for the Elite GB Judo Fighters.

The Performance Leadership Team