Restart of the IJF World Tour

Over the last several weeks, a Consultation Group of key people have been involved in shaping the GB Judo Return to International Competition Risk Assessment including Nigel Donohue, Karen Roberts, David Hart, Chris Price, Dr Jo Banks, Tim Ellis, John Bramall, Stefan Newbury, Kate Howey, Jamie Johnson, Dennis Stewart, Denny Roberts, Ian Johns, Colin Oates, Jason Parsons, Simon Moss, Sophie Cox, Nicole Nunn, Euan Burton, Mark Earle, Darren Warner, Ciaran Ward and Luke Preston in conjunction with our COVID-19 Officer, Medical Team, EIS and BOA Covid-19 Advisory Groups and ALL Home Nation Programmes.

A proposal has been presented to the Performance Advisory Group for review and we are now, following their approval, in a position to communicate the first steps for GB Elite Fighters to Return to International Competition.

The above Consultation Group considered several factors in the Return to Competition decision making process, with the overall focus of ensuring that at all times, the safety of all fighters and staff attending international events, was paramount.

It was unanimously agreed by the Consultation Group that we should only target the 2020 Senior European Championships taking place from 19-21 November, in Prague, CZE, and then consider any changes to the 2020 IJF Calendar, post Europeans.

Therefore, no GB Fighter will be given permission to compete in the HUN Grand Slam, 23–25 October, and there will be no consideration to allow Cadet or Junior Fighters to compete in any level of international competition for the remainder of 2020, including the Cadet, Junior and u23 European Championships.

2020 Senior European Championships

As a championship event and limited team size (9 Men and 9 Women), it is considered that this event can be managed safely with the support of our Covid-19 Officer and CMO in transit. Travel and attendance at this event will be in alignment to the IJF/EJU Covid protocols and the GB Judo International Competition Risk assessment.

NOTE – if it is deemed unsafe to attend the 2020 European Championships in the run up to the event and the risk too high, then British Judo reserve the right to withdraw the whole team with immediate effect. The Covid situation here in the UK, Prague and Europe, will be continually assessed on a week-to-week basis.

The first stage selections for the 2020 Senior European Championships still stand, as published on the 2 March 2020; GB Selection Memo

Final Stage Selection Process

As per the Covid-19 process, all Staff and First Stage selected fighters will have to complete a video call to ‘Opt-in’ to attend this event. All Staff and Fighters have the right to opt-out without judgement. This will take place w/c 12 Oct.

It is proposed that we select a full team, if possible, for this event and that the remaining places will be selected based on the discretion of the GB Men and Women’s Coaching Team in prioritising the Tokyo strategy first and then the Paris strategy.

The 2020 Senior European Championships selection policy will form the basis of the Final Stage selections.

To note, all selected Final Stage fighters will also have to complete a video call to ‘Opt-in’ to attend this event and all fighters have the right to opt-out, without judgement.

The Performance Director and two members of the Performance Leadership Team will lead a selection meeting w/c 19 October, to oversee the selection of the remaining places, the Men and Women’s coaching team will state a clear rationale for their selections against the Tokyo or Paris strategy;


Kate Howey, Jamie Johnson and Denny Roberts will have one vote each to select the remaining 4 places for the Women’s team.

To note, the -63kg selection would be in accordance with the agreed discussion on the 11 Dec 2019 ‘-63kg The Way Forwards to Tokyo 2020’.


Dennis Stewart, Colin Oates and Ian Johns will have one vote each to select the remaining 7 places for the Men’s team.

The final stage selections will be reviewed and ratified by the Performance Advisory Group.

We know that this is a major step forward in these unprecedented times that we all find ourselves in and it is anticipated that a GB Team attending the 2020 Senior European Championships, will provide hope and excitement to our British Judo family.

The Performance Team.